Picture008Creekside Christian School is open to any and all children from homes of “like faith” from our community. Applicants are completely welcome without regard to their race or social status.

We do require that at least one of the child’s custodial parents be a practicing Christian who attends their local church weekly with their child.

We also require that parents have the same philosophy of discipline that we do.

Final acceptance at Creekside is based upon the following:

  1. An interview between the parent, child, our Principal, and a Senior Staff member.
  2. A thorough review of records from the child’s previous school
  3. Your child’s personal character.
  4. A recommendation from the Pastor or Minister from the church the applying family attends.

We do not accept students that have been in trouble in other schools due to drugs, alcohol, immorality, or bad behavior.

We do not accept students that have been suspended, or expelled from other public or private schools.

We evaluate applications, and conduct interviews, throughout the year. Contact us to receive an application, or schedule an interview. We can also arrange a tour of campus, and introduce prospective students and their parents to members of our administration.